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Jinan blue ocean Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd., founded in September 2009 and located in Jiyang District of Jinan city with convenient transportation, is a high-tech enterprise supported by Shandong Provincial Economic and Trade Commission. The company is committed to the R & D, production and sales of precision mechanical equipment; Processing and sales of steel products; Design, development, manufacturing, sales, installation and maintenance of linear guide rail pair, ball screw pair, precision gear and rack and other transmission components, mechanical rotary worktable, mechanical equipment, transmission device, functional components of CNC machine tool, CNC system of machine tool, as well as import and export business of related products. The products are widely used in CNC machine tools, industrial automation equipment, aerospace, military industry, injection molding machines, electric vehicles, new energy and other fields.

◎ corporate culture the company is committed to the pursuit of human safety, stability and high-quality transmission parts, and adheres to customer-centered and reliable partners, with the goal of becoming an excellent enterprise with precision positioning products.

◎ the core technology company firmly believes that mastering the core technology and improving the manufacturing process is the foundation of the survival of the enterprise. 

Jinan blue ocean advocates the market consciousness of service-oriented and customer-oriented, adheres to the business philosophy of honesty and trustworthiness and promises, and carries forward the work style of unity and cooperation, diligence and pragmatism. We will strive to perform better in the future and serve the society more efficiently. We look forward to cooperating with you wholeheartedly and seeking common development.

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contact number:0531-88661606    

Company fax:0531-88268738

Company address:37 chengbohu Road, Jiyang District, Jinan

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