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The company has a marketing department, an international department and a host supporting department, and has established a perfect and effective service network system to carry out creative work by using the marketing combination of products, prices, distribution, promotion and services.

Service purpose

Go all out to meet the multi-level needs of customers, provide comprehensive services for customers, and create value and grow together with customers.

Service complaints

The company has set up a full-time service complaint agency to accept all-round questions raised by customers in terms of product quality and service quality, give satisfactory answers, and reply to quality complaints within 24 hours.

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contact number:0531-88661606    

Company fax:0531-88268738

Company address:37 chengbohu Road, Jiyang District, Jinan

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Blue Ocean Drive:http://www.preyp.com.cn/

Shandong stability:http://www.t-win.com/

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