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Top ten brands of linear guide rail

Linear guide rail is a kind of workpiece that uses balls or rollers to make the slider move back and forth on the guide rail. It is 1 / 40 of the friction coefficient of traditional hard rail, and has high positioning accuracy and high rigidity. Therefore, it is widely used in CNC machine tools, automation, CNC woodworking machinery, optical fiber cutting machine, drilling machine, 3C electronics, glass edging machine, advertising spray painting, photo machine and other industrial equipment.

The top ten guide rail brands with good quality in China are as follows.

1. Japan THK.

2. Taiwan Shangyin HIWIN.

3. Taiwan stability t-win

4. Taiwan Yintai PMI.

5. Rexroth, Germany.

6. Japan NSK.

7. Taiwan CPC.

8. Taiwan TBI.

9. Taiwan Abba.

10. Nanjing, China.

At present, there are many brands of linear guide rail on the market, and the quality is different. The selection should be careful.

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