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Domestic linear guide quality ranking

Classification of linear guide rail:

Generally divided into roller guide and ball guide.

Among them, the ball guide rail is subdivided into: high assembly guide rail, low assembly guide rail, chain belt mute guide rail, steel belt dust-proof guide rail, micro guide rail, etc

At present, the comprehensive ranking of domestic linear guide rail is as follows. This is a comprehensive ranking, not based on product price.

1. There are many manufacturers of linear guide rail, and the model naming and type of each manufacturer are different. Taiwan Taiwen t-win has a complete range of linear guide rail types, which can basically fully cover all the needs of the market. The classification of linear guide rail is: high assembly guide rail LHH, low assembly guide rail leh, chain belt mute guide rail LCH, steel belt dust-proof guide rail LSH, micro rail LMH, etc

2. Accuracy selection

The accuracy of linear guide rail includes:

1) Walking parallelism (dynamic accuracy). It includes the walking parallelism of slide C surface (upper surface) relative to slide a surface (bottom surface), and the walking parallelism of slide D surface (slide side reference plane) relative to slide B surface (slide side reference plane).

2) Geometric accuracy. It includes the size allowable error of height h, the paired mutual difference of height h (△ h), the size allowable error of width W2, and the paired mutual error of width W2 (△ W2).

2、 Installation of linear guide rail

Installation example when there is vibration and impact in machinery and high rigidity and high precision are required

Installation of track

(1) During installation, be sure to remove burrs, striking scars and dirt on the installation surface of the machinery to be installed

Note: since the LM rolling guide rail is coated with antirust oil, please wipe it with cleaning oil before installation. The datum surface after removing the antirust oil is easy to rust. It is recommended to apply the lubricating oil for the main shaft with low viscosity.

(2) After the track is gently placed on the base, the assembly bolts are not fully locked to make the LM track slightly close to the mounting surface. (the transverse alignment surface of the base shall be aligned with the side of LM track with marking line.)

Note: please use clean assembly bolts to fix the rolling guide rail. At the same time, when inserting the assembly bolt into the mounting hole of the track, it is necessary to confirm whether the bolt hole is consistent in advance. If the holes do not fit and the bolts are forcibly screwed in, the accuracy will be reduced.

(3) Tighten the stop screws of the track in sequence to make the track close to the transverse mounting surface.

(4) Use a torque wrench to tighten the mounting bolts to the specified torque.

Note: the tightening sequence of track assembly bolts is to tighten them from the central position to the end of the shaft in sequence, so as to obtain stable accuracy.

(5) The rest of the tracks shall be installed in the same way until the installation is completed.

(6) Drive the hole cover into the assembly bolt hole until it is in the same plane with the top surface of LM track.

Top ten global brands of linear guide rail

1. Japan THK

As long as Japan THK company is committed to developing, producing and selling LM rolling guide, ball spline, ball screw, electric intelligent combination unit and other mechanical components. LM rolling guide rail is the main product of our company. It is the first product in the world to put linear rolling parts into practical application. It makes it possible to develop high-speed machine tools with high precision, high rigidity, energy saving and long service life.

2. Taiwan Shangyin HIWIN

Taiwan Shangyin HIWIN brand is a world-renowned brand of linear guide rail. Its products include: linear guide rail, ball screw, linear module, linear motor, linear actuator (electric push rod), position measurement system (magnetic Shan), DD motor, etc.

3. IKO, Japan

Japan Dongsheng is the first company in Japan to research and develop needle roller bearings according to the company's own technology (and based on this high technology) into new fields such as linear motion series and electromechanical combination series.

4. Taiwan Yintai PMI

Yintai Technology Co., Ltd. (PMI), founded in 1990, specializes in the R & D and manufacturing of precision grade and precision conversion grade ball screw. It has obtained ISO 9001 international quality certification and ISO14001 environmental protection certification. In May 2009, it passed the ohsas-18001 certification of BSI certification company. It is one of the few well-known manufacturers in the world that can produce jisc0 grade ball screw and give consideration to environmental protection.

5. Rexroth, Germany

Rexroth of Germany merged with the former Automation Technology Department of Bosch in 2001 to become Bosch Rexroth, which is wholly owned by Bosch group, but operates independently, providing transmission and control solutions in industrial hydraulic, electronic transmission and control, linear transmission and assembly technology, pneumatic and hydraulic transmission services and hydraulic pressure of walking machinery.

6. Japan NSK

Founded in 1916, NSK Ltd. (NSK for short) is the first manufacturer in Japan to design and produce bearings. For decades, NSK has developed numerous new bearings to meet the needs of users all over the world, and has made great contributions to industrial development and technological progress.

7. Taiwan CPC

Taiwan CPC company, the micro linear guide rail began in 1990. The miniaturized linear motion components were first applied to precision measurement and testing instruments. According to Taiwan CPC company, CPC guide rail is a kind of rolling guidance. By using steel balls to make infinite rolling cycle between the sliding block and the sliding rail, the load platform can easily make linear motion with high precision along the sliding rail.

8. Taiwan TBI

The main products of Taiwan TBI include: linear guide rail, guide rail slider, ball screw, linear slide rail, ball screw, linear bearing, ball screw support seat, ball screw support bearing and positioning linear slide rail.

9. Taiwan ABBA

Abba linear is produced by Taiwan Guobiao Linear Technology Co., Ltd. Founded in 1999, it is the first professional manufacturer of linear slide rail in Taiwan with four rows of bead self lubrication patents and actually introduced into mass production.

10. Taiwan t-win.

Taiwen precision is a rising star in recent years. It is good at ultra-high cost performance, ultra long stability, fast running speed, low sound and high precision. At present, it is mainly engaged in the manufacturing of linear guide rail, precision gear and professional gearbox, the assembly of single machinery, the production and sales of equipment and accessories related to tool machines, and the after-sales service of tool machines.

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