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Description of top ten brand lead screws in transmission field

At present, the lead screws on the domestic market are divided into Japanese, European and Taiwan,

Japanese brands include NSK, Kuroda, Rosen, ISEL, Kammerer, Rexroth, Rexroth, THK, TBI, PMI, HIWIN and t-win.

Among them, Taiwan Taiwen is the fastest-growing brand of new lead screw at present, with dozens of production lines and more than 50 technology R & D personnel. At present, the domestic lead screw market accounts for a large proportion. For details, please know www.t-win.com Com official website.

TSW t-win is a leading manufacturer of linear slideways, wheels and bars. In 2015, TSW t-win set up a research and development base in Wuyi District, Taichung.

In order to better serve customers, a new one was built in the Taiwan Industry Park in Jiyang District, Jinan in 2018, and 12 copies were completed and put into operation in June 2019. Company note

Focus on product research and development, and obtain a number of patents. At the same time, customized products can be developed for different customer groups to meet the needs of different customers, so as to achieve ⾼ precision and ⾼

Speed ⽆ worry about transportation ⾏. The new factory introduces the advanced 6 ⽶ 3 ⾯ groove grinding machine, adopts the latest ⽣ production ⾓ technology and testing ⽅ method, and produces in a constant temperature ⾓ room to ensure

Every product can meet the needs of customers.

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