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Precautions for rack and pinion installation

What should I pay attention to when installing the rack and pinion? Next, gear and rack manufacturers share the following contents, hoping to help you!

1. When unpacking and handling the rack, you must wear safety helmet, goggles, protective gloves and safety shoes.

2. The edge of the rack, especially the helical rack, is very sharp. Gloves must be worn when directly contacting the rack.

3. Never touch the rack without gloves. Please wash your hands after installation and assembly, because the product surface is coated with antirust oil.

4. The rack must be properly protected during transportation. If necessary, make obvious marks at the end of the product.

5. In order to avoid personal injury caused by rack bending deformation and wrong posture, if the length exceeds 1m, two people must cooperate in unpacking and handling.

6. If the weight exceeds 8kg, it is necessary to cooperate with two people or the crane, and the crane driver must have relevant qualifications.


7. Skilled personnel with relevant experience and knowledge are required to operate the assembly and installation of rack.

8. When the rack is placed, the center of gravity of the product shall be considered, otherwise the machine table may tilt or the rack may slide. As a result, the limbs were injured. In the product placement area, additional support arms can be considered to prevent the table from bending.

9. In order to avoid injury, the height of the installation platform must be suitable for the height of the operator. A height adjustable mounting platform is needed to suit operators of different heights.

10. An assembly union of appropriate height makes it easier to assemble bolts. In addition, choosing a suitable wrench can protect the assembler's wrist from impact. The preparation of these working environments is necessary to avoid injury at work.

11. In order to prevent hands and fingers from being squeezed or scratched during rack placement, a suitable support must be provided on the installation platform.

12. If the rack is less than 1m, it must be fixed with a pin, and then lock the bolt.

13. If the rack is installed in a straight line, it must be ensured that the rack pitch line is within the allowable error and the splicing point is the same.

The above is about the precautions for rack and pinion installation, for your reference only. If you have other questions, please contact us in time!

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