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Installation method of precision linear guide rail

Do you know how to install the precision linear guide? Today, Xiaobian shared the installation method of precision linear guide rail, hoping to help you correctly install precision linear guide rail!

Installation method of precision linear guide rail

Before installing the linear guide rail, it is necessary to remove the burrs, dirt and surface scars on the surface of the mechanical device.

Note: the linear slide rail is coated with antirust oil before the formal device. Before the device, please use cleaning oil to clean the datum before the device. Generally, after the antirust oil is removed, the datum is simple to rust, so it is recommended to apply lubricating oil for main shaft with low viscosity.

Gently place the main rail on the bed, and gently fit the line rail with the lateral device surface with lateral fixing screws or other fixing tools.

Note: before using the device, it is necessary to confirm whether the screw holes are consistent. If the processed holes of the base are not consistent, the bolt will be forcibly locked, which will greatly affect the combination accuracy and application quality.


Tighten the set screws of the slide rail slightly from the center to both sides in order to make the track fit slightly with the straight device surface. The sequence is pressed from the beginning of the central orientation to both ends, which can obtain a more stable accuracy. After the straight datum is slightly tightened, strengthen the locking force of the lateral datum, so that the main rail can indeed fit the lateral datum.

Use a torque wrench to gradually tighten the set screw of the slide rail according to the locking torque of various materials.

Use the same method to install the auxiliary rail, and individual devices slide onto the main rail and auxiliary rail.

After paying attention to the linear slide rail on the sliding seat device, many subsequent accessories cannot be installed due to the limited space of the device. It is necessary to install the required accessories at this stage. (accessories may be oil nozzle, oil pipe joint, or dust-proof system, etc.)

Gently place the mobile channel (table) on the sliding seats of the main rail and auxiliary rail.

First lock the lateral tightening screws on the moving channel, and after the device is positioned, it will be carried out in the following order.

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