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Linear guide factory tutors you how to avoid the friction of linear guide

Linear guide factory tutors you how to avoid the friction of linear guide

How to avoid friction in the use of linear guide rail? To this end, the manufacturer of linear guide rail shared the specific methods to avoid linear guide rail friction, hoping to help you!

Linear guide rail is also called linear guide rail, linear slide rail and guide slider; In fact, in these aspects, our daily name is a general term - linear guide rail, which itself includes two components, one is the track and the other is the slider running on the track. The coordination between the slider and the track is also very important. If there is a problem in any position, it will directly affect the operation of the whole slide.

In most cases, fluid lubrication is limited to the boundary area, and the direct friction caused by metal contact is inevitable. In this friction, a large amount of energy of linear guide rail is wasted by friction loss.


In most cases, grease lubrication is sufficient, which makes it particularly easy to rotate the lubrication system planning, utilization and maintenance of the machine tool. There is a micro gap or negative gap between the sliding block of the linear guide rail and the guide rail, which can greatly improve the overall rigidity and dynamic accuracy of the guide rail. It can be used under special conditions such as dust, bad weather and water use.

The self-lubricating module can not only increase the convenience of user maintenance, but also its modular plan allows customers to directly purchase the self-lubricating module kit and place it on the slider to achieve the effect of lubricating parts. The machine plans to receive the deviation of the placement surface due to the elastic deformation of the steel ball in the rotating linear guide rail, so as to reduce the flatness requirements of the basic placement surface of the guide rail and reduce the machining cost.

The linear guide rail has the characteristics of receiving after averaging the straightening deviations such as perpendicularity, flatness and intersection generated during the processing and assembly of the bottom of the guide rail. Therefore, the adoption of linear guide rail can greatly improve the effectiveness of machine planning. The friction loss of the rolling surface is also reduced accordingly, so the linear guide rail system can be in a high-precision state for a long time.

The above is about the specific methods to avoid linear guide rail friction, for your reference only. If you have other questions, please contact our linear guide manufacturer!

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