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How to do dustproof work well for linear guide rail

In order to obtain good machining accuracy and maintain its performance characteristics, dust prevention is a very key measure. For such components with high precision requirements, any dust and impurities are not good. It will destroy the whole linear motion system and shorten the service life. So, what are the dust prevention work of linear guide rail? Now let's discuss with you the linear guide manufacturers!

First of all, the linear guide rail system is inseparable from the use of seals, because it has many gaps, which are easy to be drilled by dust and impurities. Therefore, in order to achieve a sealed state within the whole system, these gaps must be blocked with sealing gaskets.

However, there are some concerns about the use of sealing gasket. It is not an ordinary material. On the contrary, the material used to make the sealing gasket of linear guide rail must be professional rubber material, and then made into a cleaning ring. The biggest advantage of rubber gasket is that it has very strong toughness and high elastic coefficient. Although its manufacturing cost is much higher than that of ordinary plastic gasket, it can be used as a gasket without leaving any gap.


Secondly, the use of dust cover also has a good effect on dust prevention. The dust cover used now has two kinds: special for harsh environment and ordinary working environment. The dust cover used in harsh environment is very flexible. It can expand and retract freely, so it can deal with different machine tool structures. There is also a professional dustproof device, which mainly prevents dust from approaching the linear guide rail.

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The above is about the dust prevention work of linear guide rail. I hope it can help you. If you have other questions, please contact our linear guide manufacturer!

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