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How to prevent excessive noise of gear rack?

In terms of gear and rack operation, the causes of gear transmission noise are attributed to load, vibration frequency, gear friction and bearing rotation. Therefore, the prevention of gear noise should also be studied based on these points.

1. Load

The load is mainly the production weight borne by the gear. Therefore, when selecting the gear for the corresponding production products, it should still be determined by the production weight that the product can bear, that is, the gear should be properly replaced according to the weight required by different products to avoid the noise caused by the inability of some gears to bear the corresponding weight in the process of transmission.

2. Frequency of vibration

Due to the high friction and high speed between some gears, the vibration speed is too fast and noise is generated. In the design of gears, attention should be paid to the movement speed of gears, that is, the number of cycles they should run within a certain time, rather than allowing them to rotate too fast.

Rack and pinion

3. Gear friction

As mentioned above, if the friction and vibration between gears are too large, the corresponding noise will be very large. In order to reduce the friction between gears, try to choose gears with smooth appearance when selecting gears. Remember not to choose gears with rough appearance and high friction. In addition, lubricant can also be injected into gears to improve the operation of gear parts.

4. Bearing movement

It not only requires the design of the gear bearing, but also includes the inspector's supervision of the number of cycles of the gear bearing. It requires that the designer's discussion on the design of the bearing guarantee period can withstand the amount error that should be borne in the gear transmission, as well as the design defects predicted in the design gear that may exist within a certain reasonable range.

The above is the introduction of some methods to prevent gear and rack noise. Although the above methods are some methods to prevent gear noise, they are also some methods to protect gears. I hope they can help you.

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