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Linear guide rail and slider series

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Linear guide rail and slider series

Taiwen  T-win series linear guide rails and sliders are mainly square guides, with sliders divided into square and flange types. There are roller linear guide rail LR series, high assembly linear guide rail LH series, low assembly linear guide rail Le series, steel belt dustproof guide rail LS series, silent guide rail LC series, and micro guide rail LM series. Provide technical support. The product quality is guaranteed, with a wide range of applications and high cost-effectiveness.

The conventional models of square rail include 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 45 / 55 / 65mm series, and the length is cut or butted according to the demand. At present, our company has developed steel belt series linear guide rail, which has higher dust resistance, lower sound, lower friction coefficient and longer service life.

Linear guide rail assembly: generally, each guide rail is equipped with two sliding blocks, and sometimes one guide rail can also be equipped with multiple sliding blocks, which can be according to the requirements of the drawing.

Four row ball with high rigidity and uniform load design:

Taiwen t-win series linear guide slide adopts the design of four rows of balls. The steel balls form a 4-point 45 degree angular contact between the slide and the slide, which can balance and offset the force from the slide in all directions. Regardless of the angle of the slide, the load capacity in all directions is equal. It is widely used to manufacture transmission parts with all kinds of machinery. Compared with the Gothic two row groove design, the four rows of balls have high rigidity It has great advantages in accuracy and service life. At present, it is widely used in the manufacturing of printing machines, robot arms, electronic instruments and equipment, semiconductor equipment, automation equipment, woodworking machinery and other equipment. Even if the assembly track datum plane has great deviation or combination error, it can be eliminated by the system itself, so fast and precise linear motion can be obtained.

Advantages: 1 Fast movement speed, light and fast.

2. Low friction resistance, low friction coefficient and low sound.

3. Large rated load, uniform stress and large overall load.

4. The product has high stability and can move smoothly.

5. The installation is convenient, our assembly and commissioning are good, and can be directly installed on the base with simple operation.

6. The sliding block is designed for dust prevention, which can be used as one or two layers of dust prevention, with good dust prevention effect and long service life.

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