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Ball screw

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Ball screw

1. Lead screw principle:

Ball screw is a kind of workpiece that uses ball to rotate between nut and screw to change circular motion into linear motion.

2. Classification of lead screw:

Ball screw is divided into grinding level and remanufacturing level (cold rolling); The nut is divided into internal circulation and external circulation.

3. Purpose of screw rod:

Ball screw is widely used in CNC machine tools, automation industry, woodworking machinery, advertising industry, printing industry, semiconductor industry, 3C industry, module industry and other industries that need positioning and transmission.

4. Precision description and advantage comparison:

The precision of grinding grade lead screw is higher than that of remanufacturing grade lead screw. Industries requiring precise positioning generally use grinding grade lead screw, such as CNC machine tools; Although the precision of the remanufactured lead screw is lower than that of the grinding level, it also has its advantages, such as short delivery time, complete models and relatively low price. It can be used in automation, woodworking machinery, advertising industry and printing industry.

Our company develops and produces lead screws with complete models, high cost performance and quality assurance. They are widely used in the transmission parts of automation, woodworking machinery and other equipment.


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